The Tri State Games is an annual sporting event  generally held for two years by a host region for one week every November.

One of the main attractions of the Tri State Games is that it offers an opportunity for people with a significant/profound disability to participate in sporting activities that they generally may not have had an opportunity to previously.

The Tri State Games provides disability awareness opportunities to the community hosting the games. Community awareness is generated through the training and inclusion of local volunteers, sporting and service clubs and community groups. The games begin with an opening ceremony that includes a street parade through the centre of town and the raising of the Tri State Games flag. A chosen athlete from the Host region then recites the athletes oath:

“In the name of all athletes, 
I promise, 
We can and we will do our best, 
at the Tri-State games, 
In the true spirit of friendship and sportsmanship”

Who We Are

Tri State Games operate under an Executive Committee made up of volunteers who oversee the Games and are responsible for duties such as:

  • Determining rules, regulations & modifications
  • Evaluating previous games
  • Promotion & marketing
  • Handling grievances
  • Apply for funding
  • Determine Host regions for a two year period
  • Partner with the Host region to successfully run the event
  • Provide sound financial governance through the administration of athlete registration fees and catering expenses
  • Maintain and update all information relevent to the event
  • Sending out team information including newsletters, registration packs, entry cards etc.      

Currently, this committee consists of the following representatives:

Sean Hames - Executive Officer (SA)
Daryle Baldock - Chairperson / Member Protection Officer (VIC)
Debi Gobbett - Secretary (SA)
Heather Thomas - (VIC)
Suzy Shaw - (VIC)
Gaynor Davies - Host Coordinator (SA)
Todd Davies - Host Coordinator (SA)

Each year the region hosting the games appoints a Coordinator and a Working Committee to organise the myriad of duties that come with organising the games. These duties include:

  • Organising sporting and entertainment venues
  • Organising sponsorship
  • Finding volunteers and providing training
  • Arrange entertainment
  • Liaise with the Executive Committee

In 2018 The Tri State Games will be held in Port Adelaide / Semaphore.
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